The workshop is the Heart and Soul of Ghost Gum Bikes, Everyone in the store has workshop experience, we believe this is the best way to give you good practical advice, here we have just a few of the services we offer:

Service $100 (6 Month)     

At Ghost Gum Bikes our service aims to get your bike running as best as it can, here's what we do:

  1. Adjust Gears.
  2. Adjust Brakes.
  3. True/Allign Wheels.
  4. Adjust all Bearings, including Hubs and Headset.
  5. Lubricate Chain,etc.
  6. Quick clean of bike.

New Parts and additional labour to fit parts, is not covered in the service charge.

If your bike doesn't have gears the service charge is reduced.

Wheel Build $80

In a lot of cases a Pre-Built wheel is all you may need. However, at Ghost Gum Bikes we believe that to truly match the wheel to the needs of the rider, there is only one way to go, and thats a custom wheelset mated to the riders needs/requirments.

Every wheel we build is built using the best components for the budget and requirements of the rider, you, trued and tensioned to within the finest of tolerances.

Cost of Rim, Spokes and Hub is added to the above Wheel Build ($80) cost.


Custom Bike Build, Start around $300.

We love full builds on bikes, be it breathing new life into your older most trusted bike, to building a bike for longer adventures or that dream bike you've always wanted.

Build costs start at $300 and can go up from there depending on if you want custom wheels built, a Rolloff hub fitted, or for many other reasons.

If you have an idea for a bike build, come in and talk to us, so that we can assist you to the best of our capabilities.

Bike builds are always fun for our mechanics.